What is ADHD?

The definition of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been updated in the DSM-5 (diagnostic manual) to include symptoms of the disorder for both children and adults.  Research shows that ADHD, although it begins in childhood can continue through adulthood.

People with ADHD can have attention problems, hyperactivity/impulsivity problems, or a combination of both types of problems.  ADHD symptoms interfere with performance in multiple settings, such as home, work, or school.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of ADHD?

  • Failure to pay close attention to details or frequent careless errors
  • Difficulty paying attention or listening attentively
  • Difficulty with follow through or completion of tasks
  • Disorganization
  • Dislike of, or avoidance of, tasks that involve sustained mental effort
  • Losing needed materials
  • Distractibility
  • Forgetfulness
  • Difficulty sitting still
  • Inappropriately leaving seat
  • Inappropriately running/climbing  or just feeling  internally restless
  • Difficulty playing quietly or engaging in leisure activity
  • Appears driven or "on the go"
  • Talks excessively or interrupts others
  • Answers questions before they have been completely asked
  • Has trouble waiting

At First Coast Therapy We Provide ADHD Testing

A lot of people have ADHD symptoms.  It is a commonly diagnosed disorder.  So how do you know if  YOU actually have ADHD?  There is no single definitive test for ADHD.  You could take an on-line screening test, but what if the results you get miss something else that could be causing your symptoms?  That is one reason why it is important that the diagnosis be made by a professional with experience in ADHD.

At First Coast Therapy you benefit from our years of clinical experience seeing children and adults.  We make the diagnosis based on clinical judgement.  We talk with you about your symptoms, your family and  health history, and your risk factors for ADHD and other disorders.  We make our own observations and we include the observations of teachers, doctors, and other family members.  We use the results of standardized behavior and symptom rating scales such as the Conners' ADHD Rating Scale for Children or the  Conners' ADHD Rating Scale for Adults.  Standardized tests provide norms that we use to compare your results with the results from your same-aged peers.  In cases where the diagnosis is in question, we have a variety of additional standardized tests that we can administer to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms.

ADHD Treatment In Ponte Vedra

Once you have a diagnosis, we design a research-based treatment plan to suit your needs and preferences.  While medication is often part of the treatment plan, medication alone is not the best treatment, and for some people medication is not an option.  We provide a diagnostic report for your physician.  We provide daily rating forms that can be used to track your response to medication so that you can give your doctor specific data about your medication's effectiveness and any side-effects experienced.

We  work with you to monitor the effectiveness of  therapy, including the effectiveness of any alternative or adjunctive therapy (dietary, sleep, or exercise regimens) you may wish to try.  We work with employers and schools, recommending and advocating for accommodations to help you succeed in the workplace or classroom setting.  For college bound students, we provide evaluation and documentation required by national testing services in order to apply for accommodations for the SAT or ACT.

Finally, we use behavioral therapy to increase the frequency of desired behaviors and to decrease the frequency of undesired ADHD behaviors.   We work with you to design new strategies for organization, focus, or other attention related skills.